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Meet Tanya Grant...

Tanya is a Brand Specialist who is a naturally solution based collaborator, inspirational entrepreneur, the Co-Founder of the Queens In Business Club and is the Founder & CEO of a multi-disciplined company called The TNG Designs Group Limited.


These are the primary values for her Group and it’s within Tanya's design service, where she helps small to medium business owners stand out from their competition and win new business effortlessly.

Being able to establish and create a good F.A.C.E. for your business or personal brand identity can at times be a tricky thing to do especially when you're trying to set the right reputation for who you are.

Having helped 100s of people, especially her clients, to figure out what will work for them is something that Tanya takes great pride in being able to share and do.

Watch this latest masterclass now to discover game-changing ways that will help you not only get visible but stay visible in a crowded market and ultimately start selling WITHOUT selling!
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